Ashford Nursery Uniform

As a school nursery, many of our parents opt to purchase uniform for their child.

Our uniform is reasonably priced, practical, good quality and our children are proud to wear it. It also means that best clothes are not spoilt, and saves arguments over clothes choice in the morning!

Parents can choose to have uniform orders delivered to the nursery free of charge during term time from our online supplier mapac.

Many parents choose to match the sweatshirt or cardigan with the following (available from most supermarkets at very reasonable prices as well as the Mapac online shop).

  • A  polo shirt
  • Grey, black or navy skirt, trousers (or “joggers/sweatpants” if your child finds these easier to manage in a hurry!).
  • Sensible shoes (suitable for outdoor/sand/water/messy/active play).
  • During the summer term red and white checked gingham dresses are often worn)

Please name all items of clothing that your child may take off, including shoes (many children often have the same shoes). Badges or zip tags are often helpful on coats to help children identify their own coat.

To purchase uniform, please visit the online store by clicking the link below: