Home Learning

At nursery we make sure that we plan singing, stories, physical activities and maths activities everyday to give the children a variety of experiences that will support their development. We are sure that you already do lots at home to support your children’s development, often without realising.  Here are some ideas of some extra activities you could try at home and some website links you may find useful.

Home Learning Update:

Home Learning Resources:


Counting is easy to build into your day as it can happen anytime and anywhere. We can count items like raisins for a snack, cutlery

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Playdough is really good for developing finger strength and co-ordination. Here is a simple recipe. Simple Playdough Recipe You will need 8 tbsp plain flour

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Physical Development

Children need opportunities to develop their whole body gross motor skills and their small more specific fine motor skills. https://www.cosmickids.com/ This website has some lovely

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